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If you have an ottoman that needs reupholstering, whether it is a large one that you’re using instead of a coffee table or a small one that is being used as a footstool, it can be costly. Prices can vary greatly due to the extra work that often goes into making them. Ottomans are often tufted and have details like nailhead trim, and these things can take a lot of work. 


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Prices can go as high as $1,000. That said, they can also go as low as $350. The amount of fabric will depend mainly on the size of the piece.
Email or whatapps us at 90305057 for more information and details.
Quality Assured.
Contact or email: info(at) Note: If you are a new customer, and you need the upholster to do home visit, a SGD $40 will apply. This is to prevent people who are not serious in getting upholstery services from driving the business cost up. This helps to cut wasted time and expenses in order to benefit our existing customers. However, this SGD $40 can be reimbursed if the job is confirmed upon deposit. For existing customers, fees may be waived. Cheers

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