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An ottoman in your living room will likely get more use than any other piece of furniture in your home. That means more wear and a heightened risk of spills and stains. If you have kids or pets, acrylic or microfibre are excellent choices for a fabric covering. They’re easy to clean and resistant to stains. They’ll also handle heavy use.

You can choose a piece with a pattern which will hide stains better than a solid colour. And while tufted pieces look ripper, they’ll collect dirt quicker than a flat covering. Another option is to go with leather. 

There’s no beating the elegant look that it’ll bring to a room. And the lines it gets from use only add to its charm. It’s relatively easy to clean too. However, we wouldn’t recommend it in a household with pets. Scratches lead to permanent damage. The same cautions apply to suede which looks equally as luxurious.

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Style You’ll find ottomans in a variety of styles to complement your existing pieces. You can go down the classic traditional route of an ornate piece with intricate woodwork. Or you can opt for a contemporary look with unexpected shapes and patterns. Think fully upholstered cylinders or even triangle-shaped furniture. It also pays to think about its intended use and check the construction of the ottoman accordingly. Say you’re getting a larger one for multiple people to share or sit. You should then ensure it’s heavy enough to provide enough support without tipping. Favour pieces with four feet and/or a solid base. Colour
Your ottoman doesn’t have to match the colour of your other furniture. You can choose a contrasting hue to offset other pieces instead. A great tactic is to get a bold primary colour & set it against a backdrop of white or neutral tint. You can also let the construction of a piece steal the show with less fabric and more of the frame showing. A wooden-frame piece can add a sense of real warmth to your room. Like other furniture, your choice of colour, style and shape come together to create a signature piece. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to get the look you want.
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Remember what we said at the start? Never underestimate an ottoman! An ottoman may be the most versatile piece of furniture you can add to your living room. It can take on a variety of tasks from footrest to coffee table to extra storage. And it offers an opportunity to create something special with a unique accent piece.

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