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Hi Hege!

Hege Tiller, Norwegian.  By Michael Bernabe (photography) 29 July 2014

After three years in Singapore we moved back to Bergen, Norway, in 2011, to our fully renovated house by the sea. Our new home needed furniture, and so we started the hunt here for a sofa to take back, as well as barstools for our kitchen.

I first heard of “Sofa” Vince of Centrepiece Furnishing from my friends, some of whom were ordering sofas, chairs, dining chairs, headboards and benches for their homes or mountain cabins. All the talk about designs, colours and customisation you could get from Vince made me decide to get in touch with him.

Vince was patient when listening to our wishes. We decided on a Slettvoll design, which is well known back home, but often very expensive. We chose a classic but modern design, and ended up with two two-and-a-half-seaters in a good quality, light-grey fabric. 

The design and colour fit with the Nordic style that we had chosen for our home. The light grey wooden floor, the dark grey, high-gloss kitchen and the white walls were a perfect match. The five barstools that were made for our kitchen were painted in the same colour, and the seats got turquoise covers to take in the colours from the view of the sea outside our big kitchen windows.

Now we are back in Singapore, along with the two sofas, which are a match for the grey marble floor and white walls in our Sentosa home. We will definitely get Vince to make more items for us.

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  • Linda Gan
    I appreciate you reaching out directly to your customers! It is rare, as a consumer, to feel that a company has my satisfaction as it's top priority. I can say that I was very skeptical of purchasing a sofa on line. I was equally skeptical of purchasing a "build your own" sofa because I have looked at the other options on the market and found the quality to be very poor. However, I found myself in a situation dealing with a difficult entryway to a basement living room and felt that your sofa was the only cost-effective option I had. Even with my skepticism I was very impressed with your product and your customer service. The representative I spoke to when placing my order was friendly and informative, the sofa was delivered exactly when you said it would be, and the assembly was just as easy as advertised. As for the quality of the sofa there is no comparison to be made between the high quality of your product and the other "press-board" options on the market. Thank you for following up with me in person and thank you for a great purchasing experience!
    Linda Gan
    Mar 15, 2015
  • Bob and Susan

    We love our new sofa!!!

    I can't believe how lucky we were when our friends introduced Centrepiece to us. Our sofa fits perfectly in our TV room and is an ideal match with our carpet. I wish we had known about you before we bought our living room loveseats two years ago.

    Hey, you never know. We may be in the market for more sofas! The pictures attached don't do justice to how nice it actually looks in the room. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you.

    Bob and Susan
    Apr 3, 2015
  • Jill A.
    Everything is great, we love our sofa and can't think of a thing you could do to improve.
    Jill A.
    Dec 16, 2014
  • kelvin Chian

    I would just like to say that the sofa is very high quality. I had taken a risk in purchasing the sofa without getting my wife to see it 1st but when I got it home and set up she was ecstatic about it. She admired the quality and the color I had chosen. We will not hesitate to consider more furniture from you when the time comes. Thank you!


    kelvin Chian
    Feb 26, 2015
  • Linette

    Centrepiece sofa was such a great find! The owner was so helpful, even making a second trip to help me assemble the sofa when we couldn’t figure it out.

    We would totally recommend this place, they were wonderful and we’re happy with our purchase. And would use them again as needed!

    Apr 1, 2015
  • JIimmy taiyoko

    Thank you so much!

    That's really kind of you and a very generous gesture by your company. I think just the slipcovers would be great. While a brand new unit would be fantastic, I don't feel it's necessary since it was my fault to begin with. I appreciate the offer however. After thanksgiving is fine. We're in no rush.

    We're expecting our first child on the 23rd, so we have plenty to keep us busy!

    JIimmy taiyoko
    Feb 4, 2015

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