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Bright fabrics sofa

It is Simple to Create Your Unique Sofa. Click on the quote below or email us.

(Step 1) Imagine and Find Ideas

(Step 2) Decide Dimension / Size

(Step 3) Material, Leather or Fabric

(Step 4) Decide on the legs of Sofa

(Step 5) Collaborate and call us for a quote. 


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Consistent Design and Style Too many differing designs and styles will clash to make the space look jumbled and chaotic. Hence, place minimally two similar sofa pieces together and use accented pieces such as pillows and curtains in similar upholstered fabric to unify the look.
Customised to your needs.
Quality assurance
Subject to availability of our master craft man. All sofa are Made in Singapore by our master craftsman. You can request to view the different stages of the sofa making if you are interested in it. Some of our customers has actually done this and in the midst of it. We have become friends:)

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