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Along with a stylish and inviting living room, one of the first things that comes to our mind when thinking of designing the interiors of a new home or even while opting for a renovation, big or small, is the bedroom. The bedrooms generally get plenty of attention and lot of thought goes into ensuring that our bedroom looks exactly the way want and offers us all that we need. That is an understandable sentiment too, as most often; it is our only private sanctuary where our own little world is hidden away from the prying eyes of everyone around.

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  1. Headboard with Single button

    Headboard with buttons

    Head board, customised according to the bed frame and requirements. Learn More
  2. Tuffy headboad

    Tuffy headboad

    Queen size head board with buttons, Height 1.45m Fabrics : Cotton. Custom made est delivery time : 5 weeks. Quality assurance guarantee. Learn More
  3. victorian headboard

    Victorian head board


    King size head board with nails - customised.


    Learn More
  4. midnight side

    Midnight Queen Size headboard


    Queen size head board silver studs - customised.

    Height of board : 140cm

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  5. emerald green headboard

    headboards velvet


    Green velvet headboard feat astounding design lime green headboard unusual idea bedding with silk throw blankets .

    Learn More
  6. Emerald green

    Emerald Green Headboard

    Queen size head board, Fabrics. Custom made est delivery time : 5 weeks. Quality assurance guarantee.

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  7. deep pink heaboard

    Deep pink headboard

    Headboards will define the energy of look of your room and it will be the centrepiece of your decor for the room. Contact us by sending us an email with the buttom below. 

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  8. Unique Headboard design

    Custom headboard with Contemprorary style

    Custom made fabric headboards upholstered custom upolstered bed made upholstered headboards bordered upholstered headboard. Ask for the style that you think will fit into your design of your home. If you have shop enough at furniture stores, you will know the inferior quality that you see at mass market stores. 

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  9. Be different

    Banana Leave/ Print Headboard

    I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of anything palm/banana leaf, so when I spotted this headboard earlier this week, I gasped. Since it looks absolutely stunning and would make a huge impact on its own, there’s no need to go overboard sourcing decor and accessories–simply let the bold print do the talking.

    Custom Made to order in Singapore. Define with reliability. Price range from $590 to $1200 per headboard. contact us for a quote with the design that you want with the tropical print fabrics (water resistant).

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