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Cushion kidney shape - customised

Size : 25 cm X 50 cm They offer plush support for the head and are sold in various levels of firmness available, allowing options for the desired head-support level. These pillows can be machine-washed and dried, unlike many other types of pillows, and dry relatively quickly. If you need other sizes, please email for a quote.
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Kidney shape cushion are used to support back and can be use as a accessories for your sofa set.
If you need other sizes, please email for a quote.
Polyester pillows sometimes feel lumpy and don't offer the comfort level of a down or foam pillow. This synthetic material may feel hot or uncomfortable on a warm day, as it does not breathe well. If you're sensitive to chemicals, another pillow may be a better choice. Check the care tag to see if the pillow is treated with flame retardants. Polyester pillows need to be replaced every year or two, as the fibers inside compress and make the pillows flat and uncomfortable. This type of pillow also can harbor dust mites.

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